What is Commitground?

Why we have Started

From an economic standpoint, decentralization movement restructures the traditional economy, that is loaded in favor of capitalists, to a fairer economy by letting all participants get a rightful reward for their value creation. Blockchain technology has made that even more possible by socializing and decentralizing the ledger, the means of production which creates various added values based on trust. Therefore, the decentralization movement is a kind of Marxism, and worth being called Blockchain Communism.

Most of all, it is worth pointing out that the open source movement is also socializing the means of production by making the source codes as public properties for all human beings. As we all know, the source code is the means of high-value production, and open-sourced projects have been creating numerous added values. Thereby, the open source movement is playing a significant role in Blockchain Communism.

However, despite the importance of the open source movement, we still do not have a well-formed system to get rewarded for the open source contribution. Thus, we suggest a system which rewards the source code contribution by providing an evaluation system for it, to contribute to enhancing the blockchain ecosystem by promoting the open source movement.

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